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Sashimi - Sushi Combo

5 pieces of nigiri, one tuna roll with 6 pieces of fresh seafood.

Price: $31.50

Roll Combination

One roll each of tuna, yellowtail and California roll.

Price: $18.25

"My absolute favorite sushi spot. Enjoy!"


- Kaitlin Lindner, Facebook


Experience the best sushi and sashimi in Baltimore, prepared fresh from the finest ingredients. We offer both cooked and raw special rolls, deep fried rolls, appetizers and seasonal specials.


Dine-in, carry-out or delivery available with secure online ordering through Eat24.

Chiu's Sushi Special Rolls

~ Cooked Ingredients ~

Asparagus Delight


Steamed asparagus, steamed shrimp and kani

Bruce Roll


Tempura shrimp and snow crab topped with avocado and eel sauce

Crispy Ebi Roll


Tempura shrimp and special chef’s sauce topped with tempura flakes, scallion and tobiko

Crispy Fish Roll


Baked salmon, tobiko, scallion and tempura flakes

Crunchy Scallop Roll


Tempura scallop and spicy mayo topped with tobiko, scallion and tempura flakes

Double Crab Roll


Soft shell crab and snow crab topped with tobiko

Dragon Roll


Kani, cucumber and avocado topped with eel and tobiko

Golden Roll


Tempura shrimp topped with eel and avocado

Goodyear Roll


Tempura spicy tuna, snow crab, cucumber and tobiko

Halu Roll


Tempura shrimp, avocado, kani, cream cheese and spicy mayo wrapped with white seaweed wrapper

Harbor Roll


Asparagus, steamed shrimp and mayo

Imperial Roll


Spicy scallop, fresh salmon and kani topped with baked tobiko and mayo mix

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll


Lump crabmeat wrapped with seaweed wrapper

Lobster Roll


Snow crab and cucumber topped with steamed lobster tail, assorted tobiko and spicy mayo

Luxury Roll


Mango, smoked salmon and cream cheese topped with Eel

and avocado

Maryland Roll


Snow crab and cucumber

Mushi Tuna Roll


Cooked fresh tuna (or Salmon) topped with teriyaki sauce

New York Roll


Mixed cucumber, avocado, kani, apple, smoked salmon, tobiko

with mayo

O-I-Shi Roll


Smoked salmon, cream cheese and asparagus

Orioles Roll


Tempura spicy salmon, shitake and cucumber topped with black and orange tobiko

Rich Roll


Steamed shrimp and snow crab topped with steamed lobster tail, old bay and sriracha

Spring Roll


Streamed shrimp, kani, avocado and lettuce topped with scallion, tobiko, ginger wrapped with rice paper

Spy Shirley Roll


Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, tobiko and mayo seasoned with sriracha

Steak House Roll


Grilled NY strip steak, asparagus seasoned with black pepper sauce

Tempo Roll


Deep fried white fish and spicy mayo

Volcano Roll


Fresh tuna and salmon baked with spicy mayo topped with tobiko

Yum Yum Roll


Fresh tuna and salmon baked with mixture of tobiko and mayo, topped with eel sauce

~ Deep Fried Rolls ~

Earthquake Roll


Eel, snow crab, cream cheese, avocado topped with eel sauce

Godzilla Roll


Spicy tuna, yellow tail and avocado topped with spicy sauce

Lacey Roll


Fresh salmon, cream cheese and avocado topped with eel sauce

Mojo Roll


Spicy tuna and avocado topped with snow crab and eel sauce

Monster Roll


Yellow tail, cream cheese and avocado topped with eel sauce

Spicy Tuna Club


Fresh tuna, kani, and cucumber topped with 3 spicy sauces

Tango Roll


Steamed shrimp, snow crab and avocado topped with spicy sauce

~ Appetizers ~

Baby Octopus


Served w/ house dressing

Cucumber Salad


Cucumber & kani served w/seasoned rice vinegar

Seaweed Salad


Fresh seaweed w/sesame dressing

Jellyfish Salad


Seasoned jellyfish

Tako Salad


Fresh seaweed & octopus

Tuna Avocado Salad


Half of avocado, fresh tuna w/creamy wasabi & tobiko

Tuna Fillet Mignon


Marinated seared tuna w/chef’s sauce on side

Yellowtail Chin


Baked yellowtail chin

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